Chargers Security Guard Pleads Guilty To Jerking It In Front Of Cheerleaders

Remember this creep from back in December? This Chargers security guard went mega-viralĀ for going hammer time on his junk in front of a crowd of 70,000 at Qualcomm Stadium, right in front of the Chargers cheerleaders.

He was obviously fired immediately, but then we never really heard anything else from it. Seemed like he pretty much got away with it, except for the being fired part. Well, now here we are 5 months later and we find out actually he was charged, plead guilty, and was sentenced.
From News 10:

Team 10 has learned the man was quietly investigated, charged and sentenced after pleading guilty to a lewd act in public.
The man, who was fired from his job at Elite Services, voluntarily surrendered his security guard license less than two weeks after the incident.
10 News is not naming him for his own protection. A background check shows he has no previous criminal record.
He was sentenced to three years probation and counseling for what was listed on court documents as “sexual component”.
He does not have to register as a sex offender.

I gotta say, this guy got off pretty easy, no? Trying to get your rocks off at a football game in front of children and admitting it only gets you 3 years of essentially just pissing in a cup monthly?
At least put this weirdo on the pedophile list.

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