Red Sox Fan Invented Some Sweet New Dance Moves At Fenway

Yesterday at Fenway Park, fans were lucky enough to witness┬ásome of the finest dancing we’ve seen in some time at baseball game. In between pitches in the sixth inning, some Bruno Mars got blasted over the loud speaker which means you automatically have to dance, and this Hawaiian shirt wearing fan didn’t let the opportunity to cut some rug pass him by.
[mlbvideo id=”1383334983″ width=”700″ height=”524″ /]
Just like the announcers said, I’m not sure what we can call that, so I’m just saying this guy invented the newest dance craze. Move over Whip, move over Nae Nae, move over Hit Dem Folk (or whatever you call it), there’s a new dance ready to take over the internet.
I fully expect Odell Beckham Jr. to bust this out in the end zone in a few months.

When you’re a few beers deep and you just want to let loose

[h/t Cut4]

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