You Would Think The Spurs Won Another Ring The Way Their Fans Celebrated Last Night

Listen, I get that Spurs fans are passionate because it’s the only team they have in that city. I also get how nuts that win was last night without Kawhi and Parker on the road. But the way they were celebrating a second-round series win, you would’ve thought they just wrapped up the Finals for a sixth ring.
Seriously, they took to the streets like they just won a war. That city has 5 championships, arguably the best coach of all-time and this is what they’re doing after beating James Harden.

I don’t want to say act like you’ve been there before, but maybe act like you’ve been there before? You know, seeing as you’ve actually been there before multiple times. I’d expect something like this from my city (Atlanta) because we haven’t won diddly shit basically ever. This is a very Atlanta thing to do, not a city with 5 rings thing to do.
Remember, there’s this team named the Warriors waiting on you.

They even waited at the airport for the team

You only do this when you win a championship.


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