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Buy Randall Cunningham’s 2002 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S600 — $8,100+ on eBay


via eBay

Crazy. The Philadelphia Eagles go out and sign quality wide receivers for Carson Wentz to throw to and now no one wants to sell their tailgate buses. But fear not, Eagles fans… we’ve found something on eBay that’s way cooler than a Wentz Wagon — Randall Cunningham’s 2002 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S600.

via eBay

Why drop $20K on a seasonal vehicle when you can up your everyday game with a luxury sedan formerly owned by a Philly legend? Maintenance fees will definitely suck and kill you in the long run, but as of now the current owner says it “drives like brand new.”
Details from the eBay listing:

2002 S600 V-12 Celebrity Owned Sedan 53,430 Miles

This low mileage luxury sedan was originally owned by Randall Cunningham, Hall of Fame Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. This was the top of the line for Mercedes at the time, with every available option. When I showed it to one of the employees at the local Mercedes dealership they commented that they never seen one with so many options. Even the back seats recline.

The auction currently sits at $8,100 (eight total bids) with four days remaining.


via eBay

via eBay

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