Couple Of Thickies Got Into It With Some Other Chicks At A Migos Set & A BC Fan Sent It In

Why do I love BC fans? Because they’ll send videos of a couple thickies fighting it out at a Migos show in Miami when I’m pretty sure the word/name/etc. ‘Migos’ has ever been mentioned on BC. Not from me. I’m so far removed from that scene I had to go out and get a couple of workers who are in their 20s and can clue me in on this stuff.
Anyway, Greg sent in this video of a minor hoochie fisticuff action. And I appreciate it. I appreciate all the stuff you guys send in. Sometimes it’s worthless, other times it turns into some sort of viral madness. I’m just some guy in Ohio who is glad you guys will pretty much direct the editorial direction we take around here.
I’m one of you. I cut my grass. I pick up the dog shit in my yard. I have flowers to plant. I sit through Moana on a Sunday night instead of watching the NBA or NHL. We’re in this together…that’s why a video of a couple of thickies fighting at a Migos show makes me smile. We’re just a bunch of guys who still want to see dumb shit and have a laugh from time to time.
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Bonus material from Bayfront Park:

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Watch: One-Punch KO at the Kentucky Derby
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