SC Anchor Michael Eaves Chokes On A Bug On Live TV And Still Powers Through The Report


Live TV can be a beautiful thing when things go wrong. There’s nothing funnier than people screwing up at a time when there’s no editing and there’s nothing they can do about it. That’s how you get gold moments like Sam Alipour dropping an “Oh Shit” during a live SportsCenter hit.

Now another ESPNer has fallen victim to a live TV screw-up. This comes from Michael Eaves, who was doing his thing in San Antonio until a bug flew into his mouth and wreaked havoc on the whole segment.


But he powered through it like a boss. He talked with that insect in his throat for as long as humanly possible until he finally couldn’t handle the wrath of the bug any longer.

That’s how you stick out to that ruthless ESPN management.

So.. remember last night when I said I choked on a bug.. well, here ya go! You're welcome.

— Michael Eaves (@michaeleaves) May 5, 2017

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