Torrey Smith Captured The Best Side-By-Side Jersey Name Phrase

I can never get enough of when we see football players standing next to each other whose names create some random phrase. We see it in college football all the time for some reason and I get a simple pleasure out of every single one of them. I don’t know what it is, but when two Louisville players sitting on the bench side by side creates “Samuel L. Jackson”, it’s hilarious to me.
Examples like “Dingle Berry”, “Clark Griswold”, and “Fish Fry” come to mind immediately when I think of these. But today I think we’ve officially found the pinnacle of jersey name phrases by way of Torrey Smith with his teammates.
Nothing is topping “Long Cox”. It’s so simple and so to the point, it’s just perfect. And luckily for us, Chris Long and Fletcher Cox both play on the defensive line, so this is a combo we’re going to see a lot this fall. Get ready for lots of Long Cox coming after your quarterback

Chirs Long admits it was his idea

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