Ohio State Fan Wearing 'This Guy Needs A Beer' Shirt Arrested For OVI

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyqMRVAldyM]
Ohio State fan Jeremy Dean needs a beer…and a lawyer. He was arrested this week for being drunk (4X the limit), hitting a car and fleeing an accident. And he was wearing jorts with awful sandals. This is really a Holy Grail for BC, even though he’s an Ohio State fan. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m here for the pageviews anyway.
From Fox 8 Cleveland:

A Stark County man is arrested for drinking and driving – while wearing a t-shirt that reads “This guy needs a beer.”
It all started when Jeremy Dean hit a car and kept on driving. He went to bank to use the ATM, when the woman whose car he hit confronted him. He fled, but left his ATM card in the machine.
When police caught up with him, he had a blood-alcohol content of .316 – nearly four times the legal limit.

Of course I did some investigative work because I like, if at all possible, to have a sports angle and seeing as how this guy is in Alliance, Ohio, I figured he might be a Browns, Steelers or Ohio State fan.
And it appears that Jeremy is all about that High Life!
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Love this beer shirt:
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