Marcus Stroman’s Dad Looking Jacked as Always


Our favorite MLB dad was in attendance for Wednesday night’s Blue Jays-Yankees game… Earl Stroman!

Marcus, of course, was on the bump looking to make it three quality starts in a row. Suffice it to say that didn’t happen as he surrendered five runs, got tagged by android Aaron Judge, and left the game with right arm “tightness”. Probably not the best game Earl has seen in his life.

However, kudos to Earl for killing it in this shawl collar cardi:

CHIPOTLE WORKER: the guac is extra


CHIPOTLE WORKER: well actually, it's free

— Sung Min Kim (@sung_minkim) May 3, 2017

Mr. Earl Stroman wearing the hell out of this sweater. #BlueJays

— Melissa (@melissasprofile) May 4, 2017

The YES cameraman knew what was up:

YES is just going to keep a camera on Marcus Stroman's dad all night, aren't they?

— Judson (@JudsonK17) May 3, 2017

Young Earl with his future MLBer back in the day:

He’s definitely gotten larger: