Elle Johnson Tells Us Where The Warriors Can Party In Salt Lake City

The other day, Matt Barnes from the Warriors trashed Salt Lake City by saying he wanted the Clippers to advance to second round instead of the Jazz because their nightlife sucks. Not because they might be an easier opponent or anything, just because they want to party in LA. It’s a very Matt Barnes thing to say and here’s his full quote from ESPN:

“No comparison. There’s no such thing, man,” Warriors’ forward Matt Barnes told ESPN. “There’s no nightlife in Utah. Obviously, as players, you want to be able to have a little bit of a nightlife, but the main focus is winning games. Me personally, I want to get out there because I want to beat the Clippers. That’s my former team, and my kids are out there. But as far as nightlife, there’s no comparison to nightlife in Utah and L.A.”

And it wasn’t just Barnes. Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant had some thoughts on the Salt Lake City nightlife too:

“The problem with Utah is that you’re just sitting there and your mind is, like, dead, because in L.A., you still got energy for the game,” Andre Iguodala said. “Because you’re in L.A., you’re like, ‘Man, this is just the vibe in L.A.’ but in Utah, it can kind of lull you to sleep. And then you’ve slept too long or I’m bored out of my mind and now you got to try to pump yourself up for the game. You know you’re in the playoffs and you’re supposed to be pumped anyway, but the vibe is just like, ‘Man, let’s just get out of here.'”
“I’m sure it’s probably clubs, but I’ve never been to one in Utah,” Kevin Durant told ESPN. “It’s a few restaurants close to the hotel, but you’re not scattered out. L.A. is just bigger. That’s the only difference. But preparation wise, my approach is the same as in any other city.”

So basically the entire Warriors team rooted for the Clips so they didn’t have to sit around bored all night in Utah. But I beg to differ on this thought. Our friend Elle Johnson, who’s a model based out of Utah and knows her way around Salt Lake City, says otherwise when it comes to the nightlife.

So the Warriors want to get down on an off day in between playoff games? Here you go, guys, a perfect place for some margs.

Not in the mood for margs? Well, Elle has plenty of other options for you guys.

Does Salt Lake City sound boring now? Fancy libations and bull rides are quite possibly the opposite of boring. You’re welcome, Warriors.

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