Magic Johnson is Confident the Lakers Will Keep Their Draft Pick

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The Lakers have a 47 percent chance of winning a top-three pick at the NBA Lottery, which means 76ers fans should be feeling a little optimistic that they’ll be able to fulfill the process and add two blue chippers to their roster. Lonzo Ball and Jayson Tatum teaming up with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Dario Saric?? It’s possible!
However, it looks like we need to pump the brakes on that Philly superteam because Luke Walton revealed on CBS Sports’ “We Need to Talk” that Magic Johnson has “assured” him they will keep their pick:

“Magic’s already assured me that we’re going to get our top-three pick this year so I’m excited about that. We don’t know who the pick is yet, but I was just happy to know we’re getting the pick. That’s good enough for me for now.”

Magic’s probably just being his typical optimistic self here, but come on, you already know the NBA is dying for the Lakers to be good again. Draft Lonzo Ball, somehow trade nothing of value for Paul George and boom, the Lakers are relevant once more.
Go ahead and break out the conspiracy theory board, 76ers fans.
[H/t Silver Screen and Roll]

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