Meet C.J. Beathard's Girlfriend (& Baby Mama) — Madelynn

I talked to L.A. James tonight about C.J. Beathard’s girlfriend — and now baby mama, Madelynn — and asked if we had posted her during the NFL Draft buildup. One of our IG followers sent word over the weekend that Beathard’s coming in hot to San Francisco with a hot girlfriend. Apparently we missed Madelynn. I threatened to fire James and said I would go ahead and give her some recognition.
“@49ers , ya picked a great one!!” Madelyn tweeted over the weekend after the Niners picked C.J. in the third round.
You guys know I’m looking for the next great NFL girlfriend to actually give us some content on a weekly basis. Madelynn might be that girlfriend. Beathard’s going to eventually get some action on a roster that includes Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley.
This is a perfect storm brewing with the 49ers.

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Meet Taylor From Florida
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