Somehow No One Got Arrested at the NFL Draft

If you kept tabs on BC during the NFL Draft, then you know Eagles fans were anything but chill during the three-day event. Cowboys fans were randomly yelled at on the streets, the Cowboys draft helmet and jersey were violated, and Roger Goodell was relentlessly booed like never before — basically Eagles fans did their usual thing and lived down to their reputation.

However! According to, Philadelphia police didn’t have to make a single arrest despite the record-breaking attendance:

And as Philadelphia recovers from hosting an estimated 250,000 fans at the weekend’s NFL draft, one other number stands out: zero arrests.
Philadelphia police said Monday that the festival-style extravaganza passed peacefully; authorities did not even hand out any draft-related citations, according to a spokesman.

Such BS. Philly police were clearly giving people free passes, because this crap was going on all weekend:
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