I've Never Heard Of The Red Hook Criterium Bike Race Until Tonight & Now I'm Hooked Thanks To The Crashes


Men’s Journal once wrote about the Red Hook Criterium bike race: “The seemingly insane and masochistic nature of the Red Hook Crit is what drew the racers there in the first place.” What is the Red Hook Crit? I’m just finding out that it’s a 26-lap bike race in Brooklyn where there are going to be glorious wrecks and people are going to go to the hospital. And the legendary wrecks just keep happening year after year.
Last night was no different.
The crash above happened at the beginning of the women’s final and, according to what Men’s Journal has previously written, this wreck would require a restart. That’s right, you don’t just get to run away with the lead and win this thing. Escaping a wreck doesn’t get you bonus points here. Back to the start line you go.
Who won? The people who didn’t go to the hospital.

This is insanity & I’ll be there next year…marking it on my calendar:


How about we get a look at some of the war wounds from last night:




Looks fun:


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