Tony Richardson Forgot How To Spell Jets

Night 2 of the NFL draft was relatively boring, except for a couple of moments here and there. Similar to round 1 where nothing that interesting happened until Takk McKinley started dropping GD’s and f-bombs and “fine me later”s, round 2 only had a couple of things to keep us interested.

The first was Drew Pearson going full WWE heel and waking up that Philly crowd. The second happened later in the night, when most people were probably at the bar, and featured Tony Richardson forgetting how to spell the name of his former team.

Those four letters are tough. Fireman Ed probably threw his helmet at the TV after this. Somehow we can always count on the Jets to screw up the menial tasks.


@bustedcoverage @ClayTravis Tony Richardson couldn't spell jets!

— Finlen (@Finlen7) April 29, 2017