Did The Bears Negotiate Against Themselves To Get Mitchell Trubisky?


So these are the reports coming out of Chicago today after the Bears traded up one pick to draft Mitchell Trubisky. Apparently, nobody actually planned on trying to trade up to #2 with San Fran to grab him and essentially the Bears give up a shit load of picks for nothing.

Now granted, who knows what to believe when these reports come out, but if it is actually true that Chicago gave up a 3rd, 4th & future 3rd to move to the 2nd pick when literally nobody else was trying to get there, well they’re complete morons. They did in fact negotiate against themselves to get a QB who isn’t going to start this year and is what those in the business call a “project”.

Also, John Fox didn’t even know about the plan until basically the rest of us did.

Or maybe all of these reports are just bullshit. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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