20 NSFWBDs React To Takk's Interview Eruption & Roger Goodell's Draft Night Performance

Yeah, I’m late with NSFWBDs, but this is perfect timing because it’s after lunch on a Friday and you’re just jerking off at work anyway. So I come in at about 2 EST with a new version of NSFWBDs, you need a good laugh, you click into the post and then go to town.
By now you guys know about the Takk McKinley emotional response to being drafted. He went “goddamn” while holding a framed photo of his dead grandma and then went f-bomb before telling Deion and Goodell “fine me later.”
Takk is a new hero to fans across the NFL. He’s the kind of guy we need. We need a guy who’ll give a good quote and then want to rip off a QBs head. He’s Goodell’s worst nightmare and he’s going to Atlanta. This is gonna get real good. Buckle up.

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23 NSFWBDs React To The ESPN Layoffs
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