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I’m going to blow your mind here…Vegas had a very, very profitable March

How profitable? There were record highs. The economy must be pretty good out across America because people are gambling away their money in record numbersAccording to the board’s monthly revenue report released Wednesday, nonrestricted gaming licensees in Nevada had total “gaming win” of $991,023,123 in March, a 7.45 percent increase compared to a $922,329,184 win for March 2016.  “The sports pools win was $31.4 million, up 225.3 percent, and that was driven by basketball,” Lawton said. “It was an all-time record,” he said. “So needless to say, the activity was generated from NCAA basketball tournament. It was extremely strong and stronger on the win than the volume. Basketball hold was very high, at 9.61 percent.”

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