Melo Reportedly Trying to Save His Marriage With La La

Carmelo Anthony is anything but Me7o these days as he potentially faces two divorces this offseason — professionally with the New York Knicks, and personally with La La after impregnating an NYC stripper.

The last we heard of the Melo-LaLa drama, the two were headed for an amicable divorce but TMZ is reporting that Melo is doing everything he can to save the marriage:

Sources close to the couple tell us … Melo’s been sending his estranged wife texts telling her he’s still in love and doesn’t want her to leave him. We’re told he’s apologized over and over, and is begging for another chance by asking her on dates or to go on vacation together.
Carmelo’s also been doing something he never used to do — liking her posts on social media. We’re told he insists La La’s the only woman for him and has no plans to be with anyone else … specifically not his alleged new baby mama.

Interesting timing considering La La took to Twitter and IG this week to remind Melo of what he’s missing:

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