Check Out Mina Kimes' NBA Playoffs Etch-a-Sketch Creations

Cool Twitter is really laying into us today for tweeting about Mina Kimes’ NBA Playoffs Etch-a-Sketches, so now feels like a good time to let you all know we’re not anti-Mina — nor are we celebrating mass layoffs. You know, it’s just a little baffling thing to see that type of throwaway segment while talent we’ve been watching for years inform us of their free agency on Twitter.

But hey, we’re the bad guys who only post girlfriends and trashy content all day so go ahead. Pile on. We’ll keep chugging along here at BC while you guys get all worked up.

In case you missed Mina’s sketches…


Want NFL ones? Mina’s got those, too:

ESPN Laid Off Tracker
ESPN Laid Off Tracker
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