Wait, Was That Really Tito Francona Tearing Up A Jazzercise Class?

Just because the @Indians have a day off doesnt mean Tito gets one #JazzerciseTito (Jumpsuit not included) @FOXSportsOH pic.twitter.com/sozL874IH4

— Big E (@EAZY_EJ) April 24, 2017

This one passed the BC home computer last night and I had to stop for a minute, let it soak in and wonder if that’s really Terry Francona tearing up a Jazzercise class. The evidence is all there: Tito’s hair, sorta Tito’s body, Tito’s glasses, Indians had the day off, Cleveland guy Big E took the video.

I want to believe — and will believe — until proven otherwise that this is Tito enjoying himself and busting out a sweat in the process.

I mean, it really looks like Terry.

Would it shock me if Tito would do something like this? Not a bit. Remember back in 2014 when BC spotter Zach Freshwater spotted Tito riding a scooter to Jacobs Field?

Zach Freshwater/Submitted