Britt McHenry Sending A Clear Signal, Faryn Corey Is Back & Gronk’s High School Ride


I’m back

Doesn’t look like I missed that much while I was in Bristol watching it rain this weekend. No significant controversies unless you’re a loser and think Jabrill Peppers being popped for a diluted sample at the NFL Combine. Like I said last night on Twitter, throw out my Ohio State fandom for a minute, I can’t care that a guy might’ve been smoking weed or was boosting his hormone level like Manny Ramirez. I want to see these beasts compete week in and week out. I want guys to be massive beasts. I want them to be 6-8, 300 and run 4.2 40s. And I want them on the field, not broken down and on the IR. So those of you bashing Jabrill need to step back and think about this for a minute.

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