Predators Fans Flip Car After Sweeping The Blackhawks

It was pretty wild how that Predators-Blackhawks series went down. The Hawks came into the playoffs as the second best odds in Vegas to win the Cup, and in a little over a week, they’re already bounced. Joe mentioned in his blog this morning how an 8-seed has never swept a 1-seed before which is crazy in and of itself, but the way they did it was even crazier.
So the Preds fan celebrated accordingly last night by flipping this car. But before we get too crazy, just know this is one of those cars they set up outside of the arena specifically for the fans, we’re not talking Vancouver in 2011 here.

I’m interested in seeing how far this Predators team can go. As a fellow southerner, it’s nice to see a hockey team from the south make a Stanley Cup run when it’s 85 degrees outside.

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