Bearded Crosby Tough Guy Penguins Fan Punches Blue Jackets Fan, Can't Get Away Fast Enough

Bro, Bearded Crosby Tough Guy Penguins Fan deserves to get destroyed for how he handled a showdown with Blue Jackets fans after Tuesday’s 5-4 loss. You can’t go overhand right on CBJ fan and then scurry out like that. You have to stay in there, throw more haymakers, drop another opponent and then prove you’re worthy of getting out of there before you get arrested.
At least let CBJ guy throw one punch to prove you’re not scared to prove a punch.
You know who didn’t run after taking a puck to the face? Zach Werenski. You think Zach’s going to throw a punch and scurry into the night?
Be better,Bearded Crosby Tough Guy Penguins Fan.
Word on the street is that he was caught at the door and got roughed up.

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