26 NSFWBDs React To Aaron Hernandez Committing Suicide

The 30 for 30 can now drop during the NFL preseason when you’re jonesing for a good 30 for 30. It’ll be August, you’re tired of the heat and you want to get on the couch and watch a story that ends, reportedly, with Aaron Hernandez hanging by a bed sheet in a Massachusetts jail where he was serving a life sentence.
ESPN’s been running its mouth all morning about how “tragic” and “sad” this story is. If the guy never caught touchdowns, Aaron Hernandez would just be another scumbag murderer. You throw in stats and suddenly there are feelings.
That brings me to the NSFWBDs. The real talk. Cutting right through the bullshit put out by ESPN. This is why I give you guys the BD posts. You see why it’s important to hear their side. You get to hear what they think of a murderer. You get to see what they think about Hernandez committing suicide.
Some of you laughed at me when NSFWBDs started getting posted here on BC. Now these guys are becoming the go-to sources when something wild happens in this world. It’s because they cut through the clutter. They say what you’re thinking and it feels good to see the words on the screen.
Don’t feel shame. Get on the NSFWBD wagon.

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