Michigan Fans Name Baby 'Harbaugh,' The Kid Is 0-1 Against Ohio State

Harbaugh Lee Fettig, born September 1, 2016, showed up on Jim Harbaugh’s Twitter timeline this afternoon and Jim made sure to say the kid’s a “winner.” Actually Jim, Harbaugh Lee is 0-1 against Ohio State so the kid actually isn’t a winner.
Don’t even tell me it’s “too soon.”
Little BC is 4 and he’s never experienced an Ohio State loss in the series. You’re damn right I’m proud of that. The kid has never had to see his father be miserable for 364 days. Little Little BC was in the womb kicking away when the Bucks got that first down back in November.
Little BC and Little Little BC are winners, Jim. This kid doesn’t even have a bowl victory.

Hey Harbaugh Lee….watch this! Hahahahahahaha.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqifCqWWaAk]

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