Meet Brittany Matthews — Girlfriend of Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes

It looks like Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes II is the quarterback to watch in this year’s NFL Draft. Both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have Mahomes going in the first round in their latest mocks (#13, #32 respectively), while Pro Football Focus’ Gordon McGuinness is so in that he has the Jags taking him at No. 4.

A snippet of Mahomes’ scouting report from Walter Football:

As a passer, Mahomes can make all the throws that the NFL requires. He has a powerful arm to throw some bullets to the far sideline from across the field. Throwing the deep out is no problem for Mahomes. He can loft the ball deep down the field with a flick of the wrist and rifle fastballs that beat coverage. To further illustrate his arm strength, he sits at a 93 MPH fastball as a baseball pitcher. Mahomes is an accurate passer in the short to intermediate part of the field. He can make some well-placed passes into tight windows to beat quality coverage from the defense. The junior also has the ability to throw soft touch passes, lofting the ball over defenders and leading his receivers to hit them on the run. Mahomes has excellent feel and awareness with where to go with the ball as a passer. He also adjusts his arm angle or his feet to complete passes.

Could be an interesting green room situation here with the wide range of possibilities, so we obviously have to introduce you guys to Pat’s girl, Brittany Matthews. She played soccer at the University of Texas at Tyler and majored in Kinesiology.
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