The 2017-18 Houston Texans Cheerleader Team Revealed

Our old friend Scott B. (@SOBYRNE99was at the Houston Texans cheerleader reveal last night for the team of ladies who’ll be on the field going nuts for JJ Watt and whatever QB the Texans end up going with. Scott B. has been doing the Texans cheerleader event for years and has been sending material to BC since before I sold the site to Coed. That’s five years this month. He’s a good man who used to go to and photograph the local breastaurant bikini contests. I’ll have to see if he’s still doing that gig. If this was Fort Wayne, Indiana I wouldn’t care. Scott is sitting on a hotbed.
Anyway, the good news for the 2017 Texans cheerleaders is that they won’t have to worry about Brock Osweiler since he’s now the Browns problem.
Now comes the bikini fitting for the calendar shoot — always one of the best in the NFL — and the always fun Texans Draft Pick Party.
Congrats to the ladies.

Cowboys Cheerleaders Hit Bimini for Annual Calendar Shoot
Cowboys Cheerleaders Hit Bimini for Annual Calendar Shoot