More Of Madonna’s Daughter At Beach, Doug Pederson Flight Visor & Tupac Arrested In LA


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My first place Reds play tonight in Pittsburgh with a chance to build a bigger lead on the Cubs…I know, it’s early. Trying to stay calm. There’s also a Pelicans-Trail Blazers game on ESPN. The Yankees play at 1:05 on MLB. The Tigers also play a 1:10 game.

More of Mandonna’s daughter at the beach

Doug Pederson wears his visor even when flying

Tupac arrested in L.A. — in 2017? Yes.

Minor league baseball team has a Troll Jim Boeheim Night

Tom Herman introduces a urine chart at UT

Anthony Davis banned from Hollywood restaurant for…WHAT?

This Florida Woman gave THC gummies to daughter who took them to school

Meet Brittany from San Diego State U.

Tony Romo’s Back Looks Fine To Me Video of the Day

Sandwich of the Day

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