Let's Check In With The #SB2K17 Boys At Baker's Bay

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The boys are at it again at Baker’s Bay. Of course you remember the 2016 guys trip that Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and Smylie Kaufman went on and drove golf old timers nuts because they were shoeless, wearing swim trunks, playing cart music, throwing clubs (all in fun, old timers), Spieth was taking a leak in the bushes and they may of had a few cocktails along the way.
Wellllllll, they’re back.
Things kicked off Tuesday with a fun round and today the crew is back for another round of fun and Snapchats. Again, old timers, it’s all in fun. Don’t be the guy who writes a column for some newspaper in like Kansas City saying how these four have disrespected the game and how they’re supposed to be the ones that kids look up to.
Kids are over on Snap going nuts at how fun these four are making golf look.

Via Rickie Fowler Snap
Enjoy Barefoot John Daly Hitting a Drive Off a Beer Can
Enjoy Barefoot John Daly Hitting a Drive Off a Beer Can
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