Gary Player, 81, Gave Swing Pointers To Chelsea Lynn Pezzola This Weekend At Augusta

Gary Player might be 81 (turns 82 in November), but the guy still has the ways with the ladies, especially at The Masters where he showed Instagram Golf Girl Chelsea Lynn Pezzola a couple pointers over the weekend to help improve her golf game. I know, Gary’s damn near old enough to be great-grandpa. Look at the guy.

Walking around like he’s 50 looking all stylish, knows how to treat the ladies — make them feel special, the hair’s perfect, the face isn’t wrinkled. Amazing!

This is one of those new IG multi-photo/video posts, click in to see Playa getting handsy:

It was just a year and a half ago when Gary told TMZ:

“You can’t live a full life without love. As for my sex life, ¬†whatever you THINK it is … double that.”

“My diet is no bacon, sausage or white bread. I’m not a big meat-eater. I eat avocado, olive oil, nuts and my splurge is a Snickers.”

There you have it. Want to live to still be driving the ladies nuts at 81? Get on Gary’s diet, win a few tourneys and you’ll live a full, wonderful life and give out golf pointers to hot chicks in an Augusta cabin.