Ben Roethlisberger Has The Entire Internet Blocked On Twitter

There was a big revelation this afternoon on Twitter and it came after Ben Roethlisberger announced that was not going to retire from the NFL.

First off, nobody thought Ben was actually going to retire. Yes, it was reported that he was thinking about it, but did anyone really believe that? This is just what old quarterbacks do in the off-season.

So NFL reporters start doing their thing and reporting this news, and that’s when the rest of sports media on Twitter collectively realize they’ve pretty much all been blocked by Big Ben. Nobody knows why and the majority of them have said they’ve never even tweeted at or about him.

Our main account is blocked by him, which may be understandable, but my account isn’t!

More people realizing Big Ben blocked them for no reason

Ben’s got some thin skin, huh?

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