Masters Golf Butts, Nick Saban At Chick-fil-A & John Daly Crushing Hooters

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Annnnndddd MGM is raising parking prices in Vegas

There will come a time when you get to tell your kids that you remember Vegas when you could pull up to the front door and valet park for free. Those were the days. Those also ended about a year ago and now MGM is going back to the well and raising the rates. I get it, Vegas has become a mall. You show up to walk around and don’t really buy (gamble) and just see the sights before getting in your car and heading home. I used to get a car in Vegas because it was like $9 a day to get the car. Maybe you go see Red Rock, maybe even get crazy and drive up to Zion and then head back to the Strip to get hammered on some random Wednesday. Now it makes zero sense to have a car in Vegas if you’re staying on the Strip. It’s $25/night at Bellagio. You’re just burning through green chips having that car.

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Warriors: 204 wins over last 3 seasons, most in a 3-season span in NBA history (1995-98 Bulls had 203)

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This Way Out…

Stephen Curry with the filthy assist to Andre Iguodala! 🔥

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