John Stockton’s Daughter, Tom & Gisele’s New Apartment & Fleck Goes Harbaugh


daily dump


Day baseball. Then the Masters Par 3 coverage at 3 p.m. Then Cavs-Celtics tonight. Then Mavs-Clippers after that. You get the idea, it’s a good day to have a TV on at work. I’m even watching baseball this week, so you know things are crazy right now.

John Stockton’s daughter

Kourtney Kardashian assumes the Jessica Alba position

Tom & Gisele moving to 12th floor & $32 million apartment

PJ Fleck’s going all Harbaugh, plays badminton against student

Kentucky Fan of the Day

Bird takes a dump on TV reporter

Florida Woman teacher gets drunk, lets student drive her to Waffle House, had a roadie in the SUV

Meet Lillian from Florida State

Don’t Take The Penalty Video of the Week

Korean Fried Chicken of the Day

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