I Already Have My Favorite MLB Security Guard Of 2017 & He’s A Wrestler

He goes by @ChazTaylor713 on Twitter and says he’s a “Professional Wrestler, Actor, Stuntman, Security@MM, Boy Scout Leader, Bodyguard, Model, Wrestling and self defense trainer.” Chaz Taylor just might be the most interesting man in MLB security. 

Turns out the Houston Chronicle did a feature on Chaz last year, probably after his hair went viral locally.

His wrestling career has taken him to Ohio, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington, and all over Texas.

“I have wrestled in Japan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Belize, and Mexico,” Taylor says on a day off from Minute Maid Park. “There are many people that call themselves pro wrestlers that never leave their state or country like I have.”

first baseline on LOCK#Astros pic.twitter.com/xkQOmwFRB4

— Calhoun (@linkcalhoun) April 4, 2017

Look at the wind blowing those locks. Chaz just waiting to leg drop some idiot

. the wind blowing makes him look majestic AFFFFFF. pic.twitter.com/lSbcki7mrh

— Calhoun (@linkcalhoun) April 4, 2017

Kiss stealin’ sunofagun:

my wife left me…… pic.twitter.com/XCmxMTBhXs

— Calhoun (@linkcalhoun) April 4, 2017