White Girl Twerking On The Dance Cam Causes A Fan's Brain To Malfunction

We’re pretty sure that this video is from earlier in the week (most likely Wednesday night) because there were no games at the Staples Center last night, but it started making the internet rounds this morning and it’s an all-time reaction video. This gif is one that will be used from now until the end of time.
A white girl gets herself on the dance cam and brings the house down with a little twerkfest, leading to this fan reacting in the only way he knows how.

Now I’ve been known to call out staged kiss cam/dance cam moments and I firmly believe this is real. That reaction is just a guy who doesn’t know what to do with himself and can only sit in amazement.

LeBron James Out Here Shooting Like Lonzo Ball
LeBron James Out Here Shooting Like Lonzo Ball
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