Halle Berry Attacks Grassy Field, CCU Cheerleaders Might Be Nuts & Shaq Goes OFF!


daily dump


Spurs-Thunder, anyone? Rockets-Warriors at 10:30? ESPN has you all set. And you’ll have to look for it, but the Yankees are in Atlanta. You’ll get a good look at Sun Trust park tonight. A new suburban ballpark…it’s a new world for baseball. And how about some more Shell Open on Golf Channel. Tiger…we need you back!

Halle Berry dumps ’em out in a grassy field

Cheryl Burke…is…BACK…tearing up a beach

Coastal Carolina cheerleaders are prostitutes?

Texas cheerleading coach gets knocked up by high school student

Houston teen gets duct taped to pole & left for losing Warriors-Rockets bet

Dafuq happened to this TV anchor down in Columbia, SC?

This Florida Woman crashes her car w/needle in her arm & baby in the back

Meet Wynser from the University of South Carolina

Shaq Being Shaq Video of the Week

Sandwich of the Day

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