Sara Underwood Living Salt Life, LaRussa & His Old Buddy Bill, Plus Jimmy Clausen On Daddy Duty

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Who was the guy wearing the pig mask at the Bellagio Rolex store?

Here is your guy. He’s 20. Not much more is known about┬áSebastian Gonzalez. The Vegas media is busy covering the Raiders story and has pretty much moved on from that weekend robbery. I’m still trying to figure out how these casinos and the malls attached can get robbed and guys get away. Remember the Silverton sports book robbery stories from this year? How does someone get in and out without taking a bullet? Is this just the price casinos pay to do business and they’re not willing to pump a bullet into a robber because it’s not good for business to have blood spilled on a casino floor. I’m fascinated by all of this.

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Millennials and Gen Xers spend more time on digital media than watching live TV:

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This Way Out:

HS LeBron just showing off

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