Charlize Theron Is Back, Hottest Terrorist Daughter Contestant & Curry’s New Doodle

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It’s NIT Final Four night from MSG. That means you get CSU-Bakersfield vs. Georgia Tech and UCF-TCU. I know, classic NIT matchups right there. You’ll also get Warriors-Rockets. NBA Playoffs seed positioning time! Can we just get to the playoffs already. The Cavs final regular season game is April 12. APPRILLL 12TH. There’s still two weeks to go of this stuff. End it already.

Confirmed: Charlize Theron IS BACK

Hottest Terrorist Daughter of the Year?

Introducing Steph Curry’s new Doodle

Kentucky fans Friday night vs. Sunday after loss to UNC

Giant gator eats golf ball

Columbus TV stations are feuding over March Madness mishap…Anchorman fight might break out 

This Florida Man, 46, whipped out nunchucks, got arrested

Meet Marli from SDSU

Manu Acting Like He’s 23 Again Video of the Month


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