Florida Man Finds 10 Pound Spliff Washed Up On Daytona Beach, Calls Cops Because It Has Bloody Tip

Imagine hitting the beach early on a Saturday morning and you see a giant spliff washed up on the beach but the end of the spliff is all bloody. Of course you call the cops. No way you run off with that 10 lb spliff and get caught with blood on your hands.
If it all sounds too weird to be real, this went down in Florida, so you know it’s 100% legit.
From UPI:

Jeff Stolowitz, who posted photos of his discovery to his Behind Daytona page on Facebook, said he was walking just north of the University Boulevard approach in Daytona Beach when he spotted the bundle, which had a red substance on it that he initially feared was blood.
“The reason I called Beach Patrol was due to the end looking bloody,” Stolowitz told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “It was a bit troubling to look at.”

Stolowitz said one of the officers on scene guessed the package may have been in the water for about two weeks, judging by the amount of accumulated barnacles.

I’m guessing here that Jeff smelled the weed but might’ve thought it was a body part included with the weed so he backed off. You know, Florida Being Florida.

What’s up with the blood on the end of the spliff? Florida Man Bob knows what’s up.

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