Eminem's Daughter Tearing Up MSU, Sam Ponder's Out & Arrieta Smashes Long Dong

Kentucky-UCLA at like 9:40 or so. CBS. That’s the entire focus of the night. All eyes. You’ll be at the bar. Keep an eye on it. Florida-Wisconsin is the late game and it’s at MSG. You put that many Florida Man(s) in Manhattan and something strange is bound to break out. Think of how drunk these fans are going to be when this one tips at like 10:16.
Eminem’s daughter is hot, goes to Michigan State
Uhhh…this is a weather chick in Spokane, WA
• Arrieta smashes a HR…longest ever?
UFC Ring Girl Arianny goes arm bra in Tulum
Sam Ponder’s out at GameDay…good…bring in new blood
Goalie just about gets beheaded
This Florida Man ripped off disabled lady, blows $9k at strip club
Meet Robin from VCU

Wild Brawl Of The Day Where Everyone’s Taking Ls Video of the Week

Nachos of the Day

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Erika Girardi Dumps Em Out, Pelas A Masters Par 3 Caddie Candidate & Kentucky Man's Bracket
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