Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka Trade Blows

You know how everyone in sports media always complains about fake NBA fights? Yeah. That isn’t going down tonight, because Robin Lopez and Serge Ibaka legitimately traded haymakers during tonight’s Bulls-Raptors game.
As you can see below, Ibaka took exception to Lopez making inadvertent contact with him after a made shot, and it was all violence from there. Enjoy every moment of this showdown, it will probably be years before you see punches in a basketball game again:
[protected-iframe id=”30a3867bf365bd789dcb63088afe9e59-22577676-53282995″ info=”//″ style=”position: relative;”]
It doesn’t look like anyone landed a clean shot, but this is the NBA so we’ll take it:

Both Lopez and Ibaka were ejected from the game, obviously.

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