Nurse Carina Linn, Insane Aaron Hernandez Story & Bullfighter Takes Horn To The Dumper

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Spurs at Bucks, anyone? Yep, it’s going to be LIT tonight on television. You’re going to have so many options. Bulls at Raptors in another worthless regular season game. Think I’m going to watch some Spring Training baseball to see sunlight. It’s been cloudy for like a week straight here. Time to get some Vitamin D through my LCD.

Carina Linn: world’s hottest nurse?

Read this Aaron Hernandez story at some point today…trust me here

Emily Ratajkowski seems to be enjoying Mexico

Guy who kicked Jared Fogle’s ass has become prison rock star – prison letters!

Trump talking basketball in Louisville

Bullfighter takes bull’s horn to the ass

This Florida Man killed his mom on her birthday…what a son!

Meet Katie from South Carolina

That’s A Deep Warmup Drained Three Of The Week

Raymond Felton and DeAndre Jordan fooling around. 😂

— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) March 21, 2017

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