Meet NASCAR Monster Energy Girl Amanda Mertz


I’m starting to get the feeling that NASCAR won’t be promoting the Monster Energy Girls during this season, so I’ll do the legwork here and give NASCAR fans to tune in for the prerace show when the Monster girls are holding umbrellas for the drivers like it’s some F1 race.

Look, Monster paid for the naming rights to wake up the normal race fan who’s become robotic and pretty much disinterested in what he is seeing. One thing leads to another and you have Monster Girls tearing up race tracks from coast-to coast.

Amanda’s bio from what I can tell via deep researching tactics:

• Used to be NASCAR’s Miss Coors

• Lives in Nashville; Louisville native

• Miss Kentucky USA 2012

Went to her first race at age 7 with her dad

Appears to be working on a DIY TV project

• @amandamertz

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