We Can Add Shaq To The List Of Athlete Flat-Earthers

We’re almost a month removed from Kyrie Irving taking All-Star weekend by storm because he said the Earth is flat, and now we can add Shaq to the list of people who ignore copious amounts of scientific data proving¬†otherwise.

I think it’s actually funny. We’ve gotten to the point now where athletes know they can say outrageous shit and dominate some headlines for a few days. Someone dug up this quote from an episode of Shaq’s podcast last month and he just flat out says the earth is flat because he’s driven from Florida to California a bunch of times.

Don’t get me wrong, this could easily be a troll job just like many thought Kyrie’s was. But I hope it’s not. I love our athletes being flat-earthers because that just means more content for us. Thanks, Shaq.