It’s Hard To Go 0-16 On First Day Of March Madness…Here’s An 0-16 Bracket


Yes, I get that Bracket McBracketface (must be a Wichita State fan) was trying to create a shitty bracket as a joke to show his/her friends and brag at how shitty it is. Still, I’m no mathmetician, but it has to be pretty damn hard to go 0-16 on the first day of March Madness.

(Screencap includes today’s games…don’t @ me.)

You guys know how this goes — at some point a dog wins and you get a token win. At some point a 12 beats a 5 and you have a 1-for-15 day.

Not McBracketface. Even had Vandy, who managed to choke away a Quiz Bowl in Salt Lake City.

Here are the odds (via FiveThirtyEight) of just having a perfect bracket by round.

In other words, great job by McBracketFace.

From The Dagger:

As for those of us attempting to pick each game right, almost a full one percent of Yahoo Tourney Pick’Em entries went a perfect 16-for-16 on Thursday.

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