Olivia Culpo Still Driving Amendola Nuts, Dale Jr. Drives Zuck & Musburger Being Great

You already know what’s on today. Bunch of meaningless baseball, some NIT games you don’t care about, NBA you don’t care about and the play-in games on TruTV. And guess what…the Penguins are on NBCSN. Shocker. It’s all just a teaser for what’s coming Thursday and Friday.
Olivia Culpo Day 2…she wore this for Amendola
Dale Jr. gets Zuck to drop a s-bomb during ride along 
The Musburger Vegas/gambling story you’ll want to read today at work
Gronk lookin shredded at Spring Break party w/Flo-Rida
LAX bro chick scores incredible no-look goal….LAAXXXXX!
WGN reporter rats on driver looking at booobs on his way to work
This Florida Man won’t stop stealing Legos
Meet Maddie from USC

Cantore Gets In A Pump During The Storm Video of the Week

Sandwich of the Day

Danny Amendola & Olivia Culpo Getting It In, El Chapo's Disgruntled, Plus Philly Liquor Bottle Forecast
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