Substitute Teacher Gets Ripped On Box Wine, Pukes All Over Classroom, Gets Wheelchaired To Nurses Office, Arrested

I’m not sure how I’m just hearing about this substitute teacher story from late last week in Lexington, South Carolina, but I’m glad it finally crossed by desk because it’s a classic. So what we have here is a sub hired by a third party who gets her assignment and brings a box of wine with her to get through the day.
The big problem is that Judi puked it up after reportedly openly drinking the wine in class. Judi probably would’ve gotten away with it all if she could’ve held the vino. Can’t imagine the kids are going to rat on a sub who’s drinking wine in class. That’s the greatest sub ever.
From WAVE:

A substitute teacher at a Lexington 2 high school was so intoxicated that she threw up on the floor of the classroom and had to be taken to Lexington Medical Center, according to an incident report.
The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department incident report claims the teacher, identified as Judith Elizabeth Richards-Gartee, 52, could not even stand up when a school administrator arrived. “She had a box of wine in her bag that was opened, and students said she was consuming the wine during class,” the report said.
A sheriff’s deputy arrived a short time later. The report says Richards-Gartee was then placed in a wheelchair and rolled into the nurse’s office until EMS arrived to transport her to the hospital.┬áRichards-Gartee was arrested following the incident.

I tracked down Judi’s Facebook page and learned that she has ties to Buffalo and is a Bills fan. Am I shocked? Not one bit. Once you’re born into the Mafia, you’re Mafia for life.

Mafia for life!

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