Turns Out Tim Tebow Throws A Baseball Just Like A Football

I’m ALL IN on these Tim Tebow Spring Training stories. Remember a few years back when SportsCenter became TebowCenter and everyone complained? I’m ready for that to happen again. I can’t get enough of the Tebow baseball stories. Sure, maybe in a few months it could get old, but right now stories like these make my day.
Somehow I’m only seeing this today, but here’s a good one from yesterday morning where Tebow was warming up with Yoenis Cespedes.

How there’s not video of this is beyond me. There should be a camera on him 24/7. I need to see a video of Timmy playing a little catch in the outfield and just bombing it over Cespedes’ head. This is the stuff that keeps me going.
Here’s a little more detail on Tim almost hitting a reporter from the NY Post:

He also got a lesson in warming up from Yoenis Cespedes, who has a most unique routine that caught Tebow by surprise as the former quarterback made two overthrows with a softball, nearly hitting a reporter on the first with Cespedes yelling, “Danger!’’ as the softball sailed over his head.
“First, he throws a two-pound ball,’’ Tebow said with a smile. “Then, he goes to a softball and then it was to a baseball. I just thought we were going to be warming up with a baseball and there was all these different drills. I liked it, it was fun. It was definitely different.’’


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