Greg Popovich Is Back To Messing With Sideline Reporters

I feel like when Criag Sager passed, Pop took a little bit of a break from F’ing with sideline reporters during those stupid mid-quarter interviews. It was like that was a special bond they had where Popovich would completely trash Criag’s questions and it turned into the awesome friendship they had.

But now enough time has passed where he can move on and get back to doing what he does best — outside of coaching basketball. That would be taking zero shit from dumb sideline reporter questions. This is actually still pretty tame. We need to get him back to just staring into these reporters’ soul after a bad question. Especially with that bad ass bandaid on his nose.

Very articulate answer here:

Very insightful answer from Gregg Popovich

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) March 10, 2017


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